Getty Images finally found and restored a third, previously unseen photo of Robert Johnson.

History crush — Robert Johnson.

This is very exciting to me, as I’ve had a thing for him ever since watching a couple of blues documentaries with my dad.  Robert Johnson is my favorite ghost story, a man riddled with guilt and ghosts, rumored to have sold his soul to the devil to become the best bluesman alive, and continually singing of demons and hellhounds and running from the devil.  He had a high, chilling voice.

 His friends said he never stayed in a place for more than a few hours, he was always running.  His friend, Johnny Shines (pictured next to him, though these days he looks exactly like a bullfrog with a tiny mustache) said he’d take a train north, play a show, and take the next train south, anything to keep moving.  He has haunted eyes and just look at those spider fingers, long and spindly like a skeleton.  

He was poisoned in his favorite bar, supposedly by a jealous husband. They say that when he died, he was on his hands and knees, howling like a dog.

Up till now, only two photos of him existed.