Leave It To Chance: Comics for adventure girls

It occurs to me that I’ve never seen this amazing (but amazingly short-lived) comic mentioned here on Tumblr.  Since this is a haven for the sharing of cool crap, as well as encouraging comic readers of all ages and genders, I thought I’d post my feelings about the wonderful comic, Leave It To Chance, by Mr. James Robinson and Mr. Paul Smith.

The Boyfriend told me I should read this, as I draw a comic about a young woman with a dragon companion who tends to be surrounded by monsters and creepy stuff, and this is a similar premise, though a completely different experience.  It took me by surprise with its amazing art, delicious color, and great, great characters.

Chance is a young woman who wants to take after her father, a famous necromancer.  However, he wants her nowhere near the family business, convinced that saving the world from Eldritch horrors is too hot for a girl to handle.  For all that, he loves and respects her, and tries to protect her as a single dad, even as she sneaks out of her room to fight monsters on her own.  

Chance is intelligent and brave, reasonable but very bullheaded, continually disobeying but with good intentions.  She is capable and inventive, and has an equally feminine and tomboy side.  Georgie, her best pal, is a dragon, who is her constant companion on her supernatural adventures.

The comic is fun and spooky, and also does what a lot of male writers and artists have trouble accomplishing — it speaks to girls, young girls, about real problems and frustrations we all face, while battling goblins and ghost pirates at the same time.  If the Hardy Boys met the Winchester Brothers and suddenly both transformed into a single young girl, that would be Chance.

There were only three collected trades of Chance’s comics, but all are spectacular and worth a read.

Volume 1: Shaman’s Rain

Volume 2: Trick or Threat

Volume 3: Monster Madness